The Bowman family name

The Bowman family name meaning from English and Scottish: occupational name for an archer, Middle English bow(e)man, bouman (from Old English boga ‘bow’ + mann ‘man’). Americanized form of German Baumann is also Bowman but means “bottom of the valley farmer.” The Middle Dutch cognate of Bowman is Bouman a status name for a peasant or land worker or a nickname meaning ‘neighbor.’ The Jewish cognate Bowman, Bauman or Bauer mean ‘builder’ or ‘carpenter.’ Common variants include Boman, Bouman, Baumann, Beauman, Beaumain, Bauer and Beaumont. Related variants include Bowen, Bohen, Bohew, Bone, Bean, Benware, Benway, Benoit, Bowe, & Bulman. Rare forms and misspellings Bamman, Beman, Bensman, Boarman, Bodman, Bomin, Bordman, Boreman, Borvman, Broman, & Bunerght.

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