Language, History, Music & Storytelling Programs

Public Speaking

The content of my public speaking engagements is very flexible based on needs. I usually offer any combination of history, storytelling, music, and efforts in language revitalization.

School Visits

I’ve been visiting schools for over thirty years sharing Abenaki stories, music, history and language. Performances can be to an individual classroom or in any size venue.

Grade Levels

I’m comfortable and experienced with student audiences from preschool to adult. I always tailor the content and focus of my programs to fit the needs of the audience.

Native American Music

Jesse is available to provide Original and/or transitional style Native American music, played on both traditional and contemporary instruments for soundtracks, musical projects, samples, or live performances. He specializes in the Native American Flute, but us also well versed in drums and rattles.

Other Services:

Translation Service

Jesse is available to translate in Eastern Algonquian (both dormant and living), Reinvented, and Invented Algonquian structured languages for film, television, literature, and multimedia projects. His rates vary based on the project.

Dialog Coaching

Voice coaching is individualized to offer the very best results based on individual learning styles. Jesse has worked with over one hundred actors and become an essential component in mastering not only lines lines, but informing performance as well as offering rich cultural and historic understandings and perspectives to his clients.

Fight Choreography

Jesse is a lifelong athlete and martial artist and through years of study in language, culture and history has developed a great breadth of knowledge in regards to the little known fighting systems of North Americans indigenous peoples. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has carried his understanding of martial arts into film, television and on to the stage.



Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss rate for a project or program.